Sister Singer II

Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. HARD. Heart. Heart. Heart. Heart, I think as I’m lying in bed not looking forward to another night of tossing and turning, sighing and trying to convince my brain to switch off and let me rest. Focusing on my heart momentarily pulls me back into my body and relaxes me for a second but this is a familiar stress. It’s a million to-do lists in my head, circling around all the things I need to prepare for an upcoming event, trying to do as much as I can to make sure people know about it, keeping track of to-dos I can’t resolve now but will need to follow up in a few days, and trying not to take any inevitable roadblocks and setbacks too personally. I often wonder why I put myself through this. But the energetic aftermath of each event wipes all memory of my previous anxiety and sleepless nights and propels me forward, plotting the next time I can bring people together again in joyful and authentic celebration of music and plain good old human connection. I’m addicted to bringing people together, to joining the dots creatively and socially. It’s this reason I’ve decided to put on my event Sister Singer again and, hopefully, again and again and again.

I came up with the momentum to produce Sister Singer after experiencing the profound energy of people coming together for the Women’s March in Montreal earlier this year. It was around that time that I also saw Hypernormalization by filmmaker, Adam Curtis. In an interview about the film with Curtis, this quote struck me:

‘You get scared by the slightest noise, the slightest snap of a twig. If you go into the woods with your friends in a group, it’s incredibly exciting and thrilling because you somehow feel stronger.’

I began to think of all the friends I’d made in the last 18 months of living in Montreal, quite a good number of whom are talented female singers. Settling in a new country had brought its challenges, some of which aimed themselves directly at my self belief as a front woman of a band and this seemed like a good opportunity to fight back on those doubts but, this time, with the help of my friends.

Often in the media female singers (particularly in Pop) are set up against each other to compete for the top place of ‘Queen’ in music and celebrity culture. It’s the battling for supposedly limited resources that people of oppressed identities typically face. It’s a shame that someone can be talked about because of all the gossip that tabloids generate and stir up about them and their spat with another talented female singer as this can take away from the attention paid to appreciating each artist’s skill.

As artists we are already made to struggle for limited resources which can give rise to toxic jealousy and competition. As female artists, this can be compounded tenfold and as Female singers…well, it’s quite common for me to hear someone mention how jealous and catty we supposedly all are. That’s not to deny that I haven’t internalized any of these messages. It’s something I struggle with constantly and it takes away from me trusting in what I have to offer and fully appreciating the mutual talents of my peers.

This night is definitely a Fuck You to all of those messages and money-making shit-stirring bile. It’s a night we get to take to the stage in all our  Feminine power. And it currently has a long way to go in offering a fully diverse line-up as I go to more gigs, make new connections and expand my community in Montreal.

And of course, more than anything this night is for the people who come to see it. Who take part by watching, volunteering and supporting in the ways they can. It’s you who bring your laughter, generosity, enthusiasm, curiosity and words of encouragement, which make it a night that is worth the occasional nervous tossing and turning in the sheets for.

Next Sister Singer:

Friday 20th October at Theatre Sainte Catherine
Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets: $10
For more event details:
Facebook invite:

Sister Singer is a new event run by Ziggi Jadovsky to bring together   Montreal’s Female-fronted bands and to celebrate all forms of Feminine power on the stage. After a successful first show, we’re back with some bluesy acts, happy hour treats and midnight Karaoke for the inspired superstar in us all!

Interested in volunteering or performing at a future event?Please get in touch by email: or Facebook:

I would also like to clarify that ‘female-fronted’ as a term includes non-cis-gendered and non-binary femmes. As such, if you are a woman, cis or non-cis, and you would like to be part of future events, please do not hesitate to contact me! I want these events to celebrate all forms of Feminine power on the stage, and am open to your feedback on how to make this event as inclusive as possible.

Finally, this is a safe and friendly space for all of those in our glorious LGBTQIA community!

– Thanks @Marly for helping me put this together!