Welcome to my shop! Here you can purchase the physical copy or digital download of my new EP, Shadow Roots. As an artist, I also dabble in other crafts and have developed a skill for making macrame plant holders! I LOVE plants and being able to bring them inside during the winter and having them hanging up all around the house makes me happy. I like people who like plants and have decided to make these plant holders available for purchase should you want one too! It’s a creative way for me to make a bit of cash and while I understand streaming music for free is now the norm the reality is that I do need to make some money from here in order to continue to create and make music. By making a purchase in this shop you are directly supporting an artist (PLUS the people I work with!) and hopefully getting something you’ll cherish too 🙂 Ziggi x

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‘Shadow Roots’ EP – digital download

$4 - Don't have a CD-player? You can download the full EP straight to your computer 🙂 Yay, technology!

‘Twisted Sip’ – Macrame Plant Hanger by Ziggi

$25 + shipping - Macrame Plant Hanger made by Ziggi Jadovsky - - Natural Cotton - (plant pot not included) Note: made to order, please allow for a few days to arrive.

Shadow Roots EP

$6 + shipping - Physical copy of Ziggi Jadovsky's latest EP, Shadow Roots, mailed straight to your door!