Cocktail hour ska-funk from a youthful and talented Montreal newcomer with a set of pipes that scrape the jagged edges of human emotion like aged whiskey after too many bubble teas. – David Farrell (Fyimusicnews)


Portugal-born, English-Canadian singer-songwriter, Ziggi Jadovsky, may feel rootless apropos national identity but her rich, bluesy growl cements her place onstage. Jadovsky’s soulful blend of rock music embraces surprise instrumental changes, storytelling and vocal experimentation evoking Alt Rock, Art-Pop sentiments influenced by PJ Harvey, Patti Smith and Kate Bush. In 2015, she moved to Montreal in search of ‘belonging’, winning a grant to write her EP, Shadow Roots, with local band, The Firing Squad (released Fall 2018). She co-produced the music video for song, Morning Dread, with director Jean-Philippe Charlebois and Lu Fournaison ‘adding the cherry on top to this intoxicatingly potent harbinger of things to come’ ( The video attracted local press, including Quebec’s Canal Auditif: ‘sa voix…glisse habilement. C’est mélodieux et plutôt entraînant.’ Selected for CKRL-FM’s ‘Talents en Scene’ 2019, Jadovsky is currently working on a music video for her song, Le Vertige, out this Summer. 





‘In a world spurred on by the likes of Instagram, where it’s almost a sin to not be happy shiny people 24/7, a breath of fresh air has finally appeared. Ziggi Jadovsky is her name. And she’s The Genuine Article.’ – Forget the Box

‘beautiful…otherworldly vocals…completely captivating’ – Musicmuso

‘Jadovsky…propose une pièce aux influences blues-rock sur laquelle sa voix ronde glisse habilement. C’est mélodieux et plutôt entraînant.’ – Le Canal Auditif

‘The first thing that one notices is the power behind Jadovsky’s vocals, a rich bluesy growl’ – Divide and Conquer

‘emotive and standout’ – Godisinthetvzine