Cocktail hour ska-funk from a youthful and talented Montreal newcomer with a set of pipes that scrape the jagged edges of human emotion like aged whiskey after too many bubble teas. –


Ziggi – singer-songwriter and Third Culture kid (half English, half Canadian, raised in Portugal) moved to Montreal in 2015. There, she won a grant to write her second EP, Shadow Roots (out this Fall) as well as producing a music video for her song, Morning Dread, that was released earlier this year. In the company of Montreal-based Jazz-Funk band, The Firing Squad, Ziggi (aka ‘Lady Sublime’) delivers high energy, charismatic performances revealing a ‘magical and genuine voice…made to be on stage’ (


‘In a world spurred on by the likes of Instagram, where it’s almost a sin to not be happy shiny people 24/7, a breath of fresh air has finally appeared. Ziggi Jadovsky is her name. And she’s The Genuine Article.’ – Forget the Box

‘emotive and standout’ – Godisinthetvzine

‘beautiful…otherworldly vocals…completely captivating’ – Musicmuso

‘Jadovsky…propose une pièce aux influences blues-rock sur laquelle sa voix ronde glisse habilement. C’est mélodieux et plutôt entraînant.’ – Le Canal Auditif