Morning Dread music video officially released!

Enormously proud to announce that my first EVER music video – for my song Morning Dread – is finally out on YouTube (and you can view it here on my website too).

I’m aware it’s been a long time coming, what with the track initially being released at the end of 2015 but with funds and a move across the Atlantic I was slightly weighed down by Life (with a capital L!) to be able to tackle the usual release process.

Though I have a new EP coming out later this year I wanted to do this track (and you!) justice by giving it a visual treatment and hope you will enjoy the film director, JP Charlebois’ fresh interpretation of the song!

Here’s what some bloggers have already had to say:

‘“Morning Dread” is the first single from Portuguese-born, Montreal-based Isabel Meadowcroft (aka Ziggi) who releases it as a reboot from an earlier Bandcamp Fox & Moon EP, with film director JP Charlebois and video editor Lu Fournaison adding the cherry on top to this intoxicatingly potent harbinger of things to come.’ – (

‘In a world spurred on by the likes of Instagram, where it’s almost a sin to not be happy shiny people 24/7, a breath of fresh air has finally appeared. Ziggi Jadovsky is her name. And she’s The Genuine Article.’ – Forget the Box (

And a Premiere from Canadian Beats! Read full interview here:

I’ve loved hearing your feedback so far. Feel free to keep it coming by sending me a comment!

Much love and less dread,

x Ziggi x